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Greensource is the pursuit of harmony between the earth and the world of fashion. It is our vision of unifying passion for life with our commitment to nature. From the street corner to the runway, from the sky to the sea, we draw inspiration from the world around us.

We believe in creating quality clothing that has style and lasts. Our products meet the highest standards to insure customer satisfaction. Greensource is an earth conscious company. We are always proud to hear that our customers have resold, donated, or outgrown their Greensource clothing. Greensource customers do not throw their clothing away.

Greensource is timeless fashion with sustainable value!


Based in Seattle, Washington, Greensource is an eco-friendly company, mitigating the negative environmental impacts of the apparel industry, particularly the toxins used in the growth and processing of cotton. We have grown our own organic cotton since 1999 and now with over 8,000 acres of organic cotton fields, Greensource continues in its efforts to increase the global awareness of chemical-free cotton. We produce exciting, trendy clothing, while continuously striving to reduce our environmental footprint in all aspects of manufacturing.


Greensource designs and manufactures a wide range of styles for all genders and uses sustainable fabrics like Organic Cotton, Soy, Bamboo, Tencel, Ingeo, Recycled Cotton, Recycled Poly, etc. We make Knit Tops and Hoody’s, Woven Shirts, Denim Jeans and Shorts. Our cotton is grown in certified organic fields and our dyes and finishing processes use approved eco-friendly materials. We believe that taking care of mother earth is a serious responsibility and that’s why all Greensource designs are created with nature in mind.


Greensource has set up a traceability tracking system that gives our customers the opportunity to trace their garments from field to final production. We at Greensource feel that product authenticity is critical for true organic products. The Greensource brand has a product ID # on each hang tag. To check the history and authenticity of the product you purchased, simply enter the ID# into the product traceability ‘search’ box.

Care what you wear!